Saturday, May 4, 2013

Coffin Bay more photographs :)

Coffin Bay

Discovered by Matthew Flinders in 1802 and named in honour of his friend Sir Isaac Coffin, this place is absolutely beautiful... it has enormous sand dune, rugged cliffs, wonderful beaches, large bays and inlets. We loved this place. There is a national park drive some of it road but most is for 4wd, we took the road with our bus and had a lovely day out.
If your in the Flinders Highway do not drive past Coffin Bay, go visit!


Another beautiful place with huge cliffs, a calm bay and a lovely little town... we did the drive around the coast to see the cliffs and of course I took lots of photographs... here are a few :)
These waves were so huge!!!!!

Mt Camel

If you want to feel the ground vibrate under your feet or listen to the crash of huge waves then this is the place to go, it is a little way up a dirt road but well worth the trip and our bus made it easily.....

Ceduna and the beach 2

Ceduna on the beach


Ceduna is 1200 kilometers away from Norseman and in all that time we stopped at one caravan park so we thought we would stop in Ceduna, we found a nice little one next to the beach.... shelly beach caravan park, it was nice and quiet, the showers were hot and all was clean... it was a lovely stay :)
I took lots of photographs of the beach from the early hours of the morning light to dusk... hope you like these as there are a few of them :)

Venus Bay

Just a few photos, another very pretty place... I sure love the coastline!!!!