Sunday, May 6, 2012

While we were driving around the Furgeson Valley we went by a home, the owner has been real busy... I just had to get my camera out...

Hope your not bored with Gnomesville yet because there are just a few more photo's to go :)
A few holiday makers were just looking around, rigs all set up to stay a while by the looks of it.
The bikers were also in town.
Many were found in the trees
Some found flying around the trees
Well that was gnomesville, some of it at least....... cool eh!

Gnomesville continued
There's even a detention centre for wayward gnomes.

More on Gnomesville
Bruce found a spot to rest and chat with the locals
He also visited the local church
There's an incredible amount of gnomes here and it's only one section!
We even bumped into some Gnomad's 

Your going to love this one, we went for a drive to the Ferguson Valley, and on the corner of Wellington Mill, Wellington Lowden and Ferguson Roads at the roundabout, is the legendary Gnomesville - the home for little people. It seemed to have started as one gnome placed on the area where the roundabout was being built, I'm not sure why but think it was in protest for something. Anyway another gnome turned up then another and so on till there were so many that the shire gave them an area to live by the side of the road. Now you'd think that it would look like a mass of unwanted garden pottery but no... it's turned into a city of contented family groups of gnomes who have come from all around the world and Australia to live. There are thousands of them all spread out in the bushland, people have even built bridges and pathways and the little critters can be found in nooks and crannies all over the place. Then when you think there are no more, you'll find one peeking from behind a tree or through the long grass. It's a place where you have to go see to believe, I took so many photographs of them it was not funny, too many to pop up on here, even those I have chosen to show you do no justice to the amount there were in the camera viewer. You really do need to see it!!!!!
Anyway, enough said..... here is Gnomesville!! oh BTW Bruce felt right at home in amongst them all :)
Bruce felt so tall sitting next to this lot
The ninja's where hiding around the place, we spotted one.
The old fella flew above us all watching the crowd below.
There were a lot of these in between many of the gnome neighbourhoods
The first scout group
Gnomes on holiday

We took off in the 4WD down Greenbushes-Grimwade road, which is mostly track as you can see they grow loads of pines along the way in batches, its a very pretty drive.
Now a long here unseen from the road is the Grimwade Fire look out and it's the tallest one around, its HUGE! Because you can't see it from the track it took some finding.
This is out of commission now but in it's day it was manned 24/7 mainly by women!!! I could not imagine myself climbing that let alone to sit up there sometimes days on end with a map in hand.
This is looking up from the base
I'm not too sure I'd like to sit up there
Bruce enjoyed the day out even if he refused to climb up for a photo shoot!!! lol

Here's a photos of myself and Polly at Bridgetown, we had a sit down after rummaging through the second hand shop and yes we picked up a bargain or two *grin*

A few more last items then I shall go on to another place we visited :)

They had an old army radio that would have fascinated hubby if he were there

This is only a sample of things stuffed inside this shop... I spent ages in here :)

I must be weird but I have this thing for bedpans LOL I think it might have been from watching Bewitched with the episode of the talking one or it could be a reminder of the Longleat House visit I did as a child. I was a pleased as punch when I found this one in the store and just HAD to photograph it.
Here are more lovely things you can find in that store :)
Look Ivory!!! you don't see that often!