Sunday, August 5, 2012


The nearest we really come to these are when we pass by them in the bus while they are feeding off of road kill, I know, ewwwww.... but that's life I guess. I click away with my camera but most of the photos come out blurry as you can guess... but I did snag a couple to my surprise...

Colours of the Sky

I took a couple of these and thought it time I added more.... don't you just love the colours :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gascoyne River Middle Branch camp spot Bower Bird

I had to have a separate one for the western bower bird because I took so many photographs of this little bird... he had me amused for ages..
How could I not photograph this little character!!! :)

Gascoyne River Middle Branch Rest Area Bird life part two

Gascoyne River Middle Branch Rest Area

Gascoyne River Middle Branch Rest Area is such a lovely spot to stay at, most people plan on staying the one night but end up staying a couple. We stayed for two night because of the abundant wildlife there especailly the birds, apparently they have wild camels roaming around but we did not see any during our stay. I did however watch the birds make nests and found a real comical bower bird who sang the entire time I photographed him, I took so many pictures it was hard to pick a few for this site. If we are ever back this way this will be a 'must' stop again. There are no facilities appart fropm a few bins so you have to bring everything with you.
I walked the river bed for a little while

Mt Robinson rest area

Mt Robinson rest area is 109km NW of Newman, its near an opening of a small gorge that we walked up and you can also walk up the hill to get a beautiful veiw of the surrounds. This was a nice over night stop with a drop toilet and a dump point. It seems popular as there were a few caravans parking up for the night, there are also shaded picnic tables and it's off the highway.
I found this bloke and of course I had my camera with me :)
Here are some photos from the top, it's a steep walk but well worth it
Then we headed off down the gorge. I loved the colours in the rocks
And how the trees cling to the walls and floor..... so cool!
Look how this one twists
Looking up at the trees clinging to the sides
I'm there somewhere..... lol

On the road again

We left Tom Price and took off down the the great northern highway again, I thought I would pop on some of the road this time and the trucks you may meet if you do go this way. We kept an ear on the truckie station so we had an idea what was coming our way, it's a good idea just in case you have to pull over to let some rather over width trucks past, and those that past us.... our bus is rather slow... lolololol When we first started our trip I was very nervous about these trucks but now.... well... now I sit back and take a photograph as they pass us by :)