Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coober Pedy dugouts

Homes underground are all over the place in Coober Pedy and they call them dugouts. The early ones were actually holes that had been dug in search of opal the later ones are built in the side of hills so they are not as deep as you think. The earliest ones were done by back breaking manual work so were only as big as was needed but now they are done by tunneling machines which leave an attractive pattern on the walls with beautiful maroon and rose colored swirls, this is then finished with a clear sealer to stop the dust. If you need another shelf you simply dig, w=same for another room and you might even find some opal while your at it. The sandstone in Coober Pedy is perfectly suited for underground homes. It is easy to dig through, like all sandstone, but it is very strong and stable. All rooms are ventilated via narror vertical shafts and you see these all over Coober Pedy poking out of the hills. Light is let in through wider shafts and the bedrooms tend to be at the back where you might get a good nights sleep as there will be no light or noise to disturb you. The climate underground is also good, its stay stable and comfortable what ever the temp is like outside.

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