Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On our way to Spud's Roadhouse, Pimba

The first shower we got was at Spud's Roadhouse in Pimba, we did stay over night at a few roadside stops along the way and they were not too bad as the road was reasonably quiet during the night. We loved Spud's, they have a large area in the roadhouse where the traveller can stay and rest, the showers were coin operated, the toilets etc clean and they had plenty of bins.
The roadhouse also had a takeaway and restaurant, we had our anniversary meal there and it was lovely.
Pimba is a small settlement with a permanent population of around 50 people at the junction of Stuart Highway and Pimba Road. Two of the most iconic trains in Australia; the Indian Pacific and Ghan from the Great Southern Railway run through Pimba servicing the town on request twice a week from both Adelaide and Darwin, it was cool to watch the trains go by.
These are a few photos of the area as we drove towards Spud's Roadhouse :)

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