Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coober Pedy the Umoona opal mine

It is an original opal mine located in the centre of town that has been converted into Coober Pedy's largest single underground tourist attraction. Comprising an original opal mine, an underground home, an aboriginal interpretive centre, heritage museum, showroom and opal retail shop. I have photos of the mine and the home on here because there are too many photos I had to cut them down to these two places. The guided tour we were with was very interesting and full of information I absolutely loved it.

This is the modern way of making a hole with this rather large drilling machine.. and its the entrance to the museum and shop etc
This part is hand made and its the quarters for the miners
This is a typical tunnel of the time
Everything was done by hand even the removal of rock
They used a pully type seat to get up and down the shafts
This is what they are looking for small veins in the rock, the more color the better the find
There is a glint of color in this one so this will be worth something

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