Friday, June 14, 2013

George Wildlife Park 1

George Wildlife Park is on Redden Drive, Cudlee Creek SA on 14 acres of land with paths meandering around where you can see many animals and birds, they even have an area where you walk with them and your allowed to feed them as you go along. There are notices up on those you are not allowed to feed. We fed the kangaroos, well, Graeme did while I photographed them.
This is a privately owned park, it's clean, has a shop with food drink and souvenirs galore, lovely area to sit down and we saw many people cleaning and caring for the animals and birds. They even have times during the day when you are able to line up to cuddle a koala.. when we were there the line was very long so I skipped that bit. I took so so many photographs and have many to put up, I hope you don't get bored with looking at all these :)
What a hairdo!! LOL

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