Friday, June 14, 2013

The Big Rocking Horse, Gumeracha

The big rocking horse is a tourist attraction and one of the many 'big things' around Oz. It's located in the town of Gumeracha. This was designed by David McIntosh, it is over 10 meters tall and weighs 25 ton! The rocking chair is not the only thing to see or do here, there is a wildlife park, a wooden toy factory and shop, a cafe and a picnic area, so there is plenty to do and lots to look at.
The wildlife park is 7 acres with a variety of kangaroo and wallabies, emus and birds. There are also farm animals too such as alpacas, sheep and goats, ducks and geese. They all seem very friendly and you can feed them. The park is free to enter and all monies collected for the animal food goes towards it's upkeep.
LOL what a face!
Determined to get that food!

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