Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Old Tailem Town

Old Tailem Town is located on the South Eastern Freeway 5km north of Tailem Bend and approximately 90kms from Adelaide.
This town was first established in 1982 where the people got together and transported many old buildings from the original location to make this beautiful and interesting pioneer village. Not only did they bring the buildings but also everything you see inside them all and there is a lot to look at, one day may not be enough to sort through it all if your into history. This place is magical, it gives you an insight to what life was like many years ago from abodes to shops, medical things and banking, even the picture theater is 100 years old!  They have cars, wagons, machinery and even fuel pumps, antique fire engines, one of them having one of the biggest mobile ladders in the southern hemisphere. Stables and boats, trains and bikes... it's all there. The oldest building is a ticket office from the first exhibition grounds in Adelaide and it dates back to 1870, and a school that dates back to 1881. There are over 110 buildings, including a church and graveyard, it's a must visit if your going that way.
We spent an entire day walking around the many streets, going into the buildings and taking a look, we even sat down in the picture theater for a rest, I filled up my cameras memory with so many photographs, these a but a few....

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